The journey to Essaouira was fairly quick, only interupted by an urgent need to re-stock our wood supplies. A stop 10kms out of town furnished us with a load of good stuff, ably cut up by the saw masters. An afternoon visit for some seafood lunch, then off to a bush camp out of town. Great beach views, and lovely sunset. Nice way to end a day.

Next morning as promised, we breezed back in to this rather hippie like town. The atmosphere is so much more relaxed than anywhere else so far, and a full day was enjoyed exploring the souk and the remnants of a European fort.
Gary and myself found a Hammam, but were turned away. In hindsight, the posters of sunsilk girls should have told us that it was a female version, but the vigilant hostesses avoided any embarrassment to other clients by ushering us out rather quickly!

Leaving the flashpackers behind yet again (they intend to catch us in Agadir)
We went further down the coast and found an exquisite bush camp on cliffs overlooking the sea. Another fabulous sunset. The next day we enjoyed a day off, well sort of. The truck was rather filthy , so we all mucked in and scrubbed her out. In the afternoon we held the first round of the African Frisbee-golf championships. A nail biting affair, it went down to a six hole play off between Myself and Steve C. Steve lost his nerve and put in a right shocker of a throw, allowing me to calmly take to trophy from 5 yards out.

Now in Agadir, which is quite ugly, no more time than necessary to be spent here. We have all just cheekily taken showers at the International campsite, under the noses of the Europeans and their camper vans. Off to another bush camp tonight, and closer to Mauritania.

Travels in Arabia in the best circumstances, with a train of servants, good riding-beasts, tents and your own kitchen, is a trying experience.
T E Lawrence (1888-1935)from the introduction to Travels in Arabia Deserta by Charles M Doughty