Katerina Komselis  recommends African Trails Overlands and Safaris. Travelled December 2018

My 11 year old son and I did a 50 days trip with African Trails from Cape Town to Nairobi and we loved every minute of it. All was very proffesional from the first mail to Chris until the very taerfull goodbyes in Nairobi. We finished in feburary 2019 and the memories and the longing for Africa is unbelievable. To see Africa this way is unreal, so many days in the bush, so many animals, so much time togehter. THANK YOU – we only hope you will make more trips where you can take a child

Ben  Friedman –  August 2019 travelled in 1999; coming back with his family 20 years later

Hi – thanks for your quick response to my inquiry about a family trip to East Africa.  You had asked who our guides were when we travelled with you 20 years ago.  We travelled with Kevin and Neal.  Here’s a photo of them from 1998 that we took doing a pig roast up at Lake Turkana.

On a different note, for whatever it’s worth, when we took the trip at the time we were some of the only American clients of your company.  Not sure if that has changed but, if not, You can reference this with our referral!

My wife and I took an east Africa trip through your company twenty years ago and have fantastic memories of our experiences with you.  It was one of the most special times of our lives.

At the time, everyone on our trip truck was in their early twenties.

We are now 20 years older and have a daughter (age 10).  We are considering a family trip to Africa.  Probably looking for a shorter trip (2 weeks or so???).

Dave Wood, July 2019  21 day Nairobi to Victoria Falls 

This is perfect, thank you so much!

Jason from York, March 26th, 2018

My wife and I went on the Nairobi to Zanzibar 24 day Safari. It was all exciting as we always dreamt of touring Africa, seeing the big 5 and the Mountain Gorillas. Little did we know that in the following weeks we would be only metres away from a massive silverback and a one month old baby, then getting to see not only the big 5 but way moreeeee.

Mark and Tash were our leaders and the tour we chose was so well organized. After the first day you figured out fast what was going on and you became part of a small family. It wasn’t a tour as such in the way everything was done for you like other companies, it was better as you get divided into cook teams, go to the local markets, barter for your fresh fruit and veges then go back to the truck and prepare, cook and eat amazing food. With African Trails you become apart of the experience along with experiencing the experience!!!!!!!

The extra activities are awesome and we highly recommend the white water rafting, also being a fishing junky,thanks to Gav at “Ginger backpackers” we got to fish in the famous Nile for giant purch!!!!! Also played a game of golf.

We had the best adventure and holiday, seeing and experiencing way more than we could have imagined and traveling with such amazing people.

We will be back to do another safari with you that’s for sure.

We just need to buy more memory cards for our camera as Stace my wife took over 9000 photos lol
Thanks Guys absolutely amazing

Steph from Sydney, Australia.
Trans Africa March 11th 2018

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“My trip to Africa was my greatest adventure yet. My boyfriend and I took at year’s leave from work and set sail without knowing a great deal about what was ahead. We knew we wanted to experience the ‘real Africa’ and not go down the typical tourist route. We also wanted to rough it a little – we are far from ‘glampers’ or princess travellers. And we knew we wanted to make a few new mates – friendships with people from around the world that would hopefully be more than just a politely casual type of thing.

Now that we have finished the trip – the trip of a lifetime- we can honestly  say the adventure exceeded every possible expectation one thousand and one times. We have been to places I didn’t even know existed. We have woken up and stumbled out of our tents to witness the beauty of the Atlas Mountains. We have played soccer with the kids of a tiny Guinean village. We have made life-long friends – the real deal mateship kind of stuff which lasts forever.

We made life long friends with not only the people on board but also our beloved superstar driver Suse. The only woman I know who can change a truck tyre – or 4 – in 50 degree heat without working up a sweat or looking the least bit concerned. No problem or situation is too much for Suse and she has the beautiful ability to make everyone feel welcome and more importantly, part of the amazing team. I highly recommend African Trails to anyone and everyone who wants to do the real Africa the right way. I am currently saving every last penny to book another trip as soon as humanly possible. BOOK NOW!!!!”

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Jareb from Melbourne, Australia Jan 15, 2016 Trans Africa

Hi African Trails,

I’d like to take just a few minutes to write you and thank you for an amazing trip of a lifetime. I’ve enjoyed every moment of my 43 week trans trip through Africa and you have really done an amazing job with African Trails. Suse was like no person I’ve met in my life and I think you must already know this. We as passengers all talk about how great she is amongst ourselves but I didn’t think it was right for us to keep it to ourselves.

She has gone above and beyond the role she was meant to fill as a driver and has been an ally, a friends, a tour leader, parent, and driver all in one and even passengers who had several overland trips prior agree that there is no other person out there as collected and competent as Suse. I’m not sure what her plans are for the future nor do I think Suse knows either but I just thought you’d like to know how much we’ve all loved her and will never forget our experience in Africa as a result.

You’ve got a one in a million driver working for you and she certainly has made a positive impression on me and consequently on African Trails’ behalf. I’ve already said all this and much more to Suse but just wanted to pass it along in case you’d had any doubts. Again, thank you for an amazing 10 months and my best wishes for the future trips you run. You’re doing an amazing thing with African Trails and I’m glad I could be a part of it.

Ed and Jamie – London UK Tue 11/12/2016
Nairobi, Gorillas to Zanzibar/Dar es Salaam


Just wanted to let you know what a great time myself and travel companion Jamie are having so many thanks.

Our driver Mushi is doing his best to please us all.

Look forward to the rest of the trip.

Thanks again,

Paula – Southampton, UK 09 October 2016
Game Parks & Gorillas

Hi African Trails

I have recently returned from my trip to Kenya and Uganda and wanted to let you know that it was a truly amazing experience. Henry was our tour leader and we couldn’t have asked for anyone better. He made sure that we didn’t miss any of the wonderful sights of Africa, making regular stops on a long driving day to tell us where we were and point things out along the way. We had great tour guides for our trips thanks to Henry’s contacts. At no time did I feel unsafe in his care and he really was a wonderful host. I could write lots about all of the things he did for everyone in the group to make sure we enjoyed our holiday. He was great company and I think I speak for everyone in the group when I say he was not only our tour leader but our friend.

In short this was the best holiday I have ever had. Well done African Trails…this won’t be my last visit to Africa!

Tomasz from Berlin, Germany – Wed 22/08/2014 Cape Town to Vic Falls

Hi John

I have just returned from the trip from Cape Town to Victoria Falls, 6/8/12-19/08/12 and would like to share with you my thoughts after the trip.
The driver, Tim is doing a very good job. He provides confidence to the participants, drives safely, talks to people about the plans for the next day in an impartial and objective way. From the frist day, when I entered the group, I was feeling safe and in good hands. He gives also reliable recommendations about what to do, i.e. I wanted to see the Vic Falls from Zim side, and he recommended me the best way how to do it. He is knowledgeable about the countries and people we visited and is ready to share that knowledge.

What is most important, Tim leaves enough space for the group to take up responsibility and organisation of its life within the camp, truck, in free time and elsewhere.

Tim takes care of participants. I was given additional sleeping bag after I had said I had been cold in the night.
I have enjoyed the trip very much and was positively surprised by the organisation and the fact everything was on time, but in leisure, calm atmosphere. I have never had a feeling to in a hurry, but also never had a feeling to wait for sth. If we scheduled sth on 5 am, it was on 5 am.
I will definitely do another trip with African Trail, only if my family’s constraints will allow me to do so.

Please forward that opinion to Tim, as I have not the e-mail address of him.
Best regards

Theresa from Los Angeles, USA, Jan 2015
Dar es Salaam to Gorillas

On Jan 8, 2013 we started from Dar Es Salaam to Gorillas, This journey was fantastic. Tash and Mark were excellent, could not have been better! Now all my friends want to do a trip. Everyone should do this!

Highly recommended, wonderful life experience. Well Done African Trails.. Thank you all.

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Agata from Warsaw, Poland Nov 2014
Nairobi to Victoria Falls, Zambia

Big thanks for unforgettable experience in Africa! Especially to our driver Mark who was awesome! , Nairobi to Vic Falls Nov 2012

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Jay from Melbourne, Australia

Best time of my life was with African Trails 🙂

Mar and Kim from Perth, June 28, 2006
Nairobi to Cairo: Nile Expedition

Did Turkey – Egypt in 2006 with Paul and Chris as the drivers of our trucks great trip still talking about it. I am however after some pics of Ephesus. Memories

Andrew from London, May 20, 2015

I did a tour with African trails in 2010 where I meet my girlfriend when she joined 3 weeks after me and now we are happy to announce we are having a baby. Crazy how things work out. Thanks African trails.

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Seán from Avignon, France, February 28, 2017 Cairo to Cape Town: Nile Expedition

Best trip I ever done . Cairo to Istanbul 2014

Joli from Hammersmith, London, February 20, 2014
Kenya Tanzania Game Parks to Zanzibar

I miss Africa a lot 🙁

Jay Lording 26th January, 2014 Southern Africa

Did Nairobi to J’Burg in September, BEST thing I ever did, had so so so much fun. Henry, Gavin and Summer (drivers) were great! Had not one problem the 6 weeks I was there. Will be definitely be booking with you again. I MISS AFRICA 🙁
People thinking about booking, DO IT!!! my albums are on public so have a look and book!!!!! 🙂

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Passenger Feedback

http://africanchristmas.blogspot.com/ – Four families, travelling through Kenya and Tanzania, in a truck, followed by a week in Zanzibar.

http://www.travelblog.org/Bloggers/danandkels/ Africa All The Way – 10 weeks

http://mzunguwarrior.blogspot.com/2009/12/about-african-trails.html Vinnie Morgan’s experiences in 2009

Also read this independent review from Oliver’s blog

Cape Town to Istanbul Rumsky Trip Experience! Safari 2015
A family’s experience in Africa from Cape Town to Istanbul

A big thanks to African Trails for an amazing family adventure. My husband, myself, and our 13-year-old son, Christopher, were lucky enough to jump on board the “Trans” from Capetown to Cairo, then on to Turkey. We were thrilled that African Trails was willing to allow Christopher to join the overland. Like so many others, we had an incredible experience in Africa and would highly recommend this tour company to anyone. From the start, the website was very clear about what to bring and what was/wasn’t included in the prices, so that we were able to construct a budget and adhere to it. The prices were quite reasonable and the equipment was perfectly adequate for the experience. Normally we do not choose to go with tours, but after spending 6 weeks on our own in Madagascar, we quickly realized that we absolutely could not have done this trip by ourselves within the time constraints specified. Navigating borders, finding food and shelter, figuring out transportation between parks and game drives, etc. all would have taken us much longer and posed much greater risks than joining the tour.

Overland is definitely the way to go.

Our driver, Gavin, is an amazing man who was able to navigate anything Africa threw at him with good humor. We felt like we were in quite capable hands, and his excellent skills kept all of us (usually) happy and healthy for five months on the road. Not a small feat! I could spend hours talking about the amazing sights we saw, ranging from watching lions devouring a zebra to expansive Roman ruins in Syria, but anyone considering an overland trip can quickly find other resources and blogs (including our own) for that. Let it suffice to say that if we had the money, we would do it again in a heartbeat. And we would do it with African Trails.”

Robin Malinosky-Rummell, Ph.D.
Rumsky Travelworks

Gerd – Germany, Cape Town to Istanbul Dec 2016

It was fantastic trip. It was also a new experience – I plan my next trip with them to West Africa.

Gerd – Germany

Roderich – Australia, Trans Africa Nov 2016

Who said you can not enjoy a long Overland Safari?

I had a wonderful time during the 7 month Trans Africa. Part of the West cost of Africa was a challenge which I will remember for a long time. The scenery and wildlife from Namibia onwards was breathtaking.

The younger generation on the truck gave me the challenge to do things I always was to scared to do in my live. I did tandem skydiving, quad bike riding in the sand dunes, white water rafting on the Zambezi river, bungy jumping of the Victoria Bridge and the micro light flight over the Victoria Falls.

Our driver Brian was excellent and a good mate.

All in all I can recommend the tour to people who like something more exciting than a standard organised tour. A truly memorable experience of a lifetime.

Roderich – Australia

Zoe – Malaysia, Southern Africa July 2018

An organized tour is never going to be quite as “there” as independent travel, but this overland operator runs well-organized tours and I had a very enjoyable experience.

It is a good way to get to all the interesting places easily in a short time and the route was well-planned. Apart from the obvious tourist sights, other highlights were playing football with villagers in Malawi, shopping in local markets for group meals, and bushcamping in the middle of nowhere. Although there were some long drives, the travelling did not outweigh the sights and activities. I enjoyed my trip from Nairobi to Jo’burg and thought it was a good introduction to the continent before continuing on my own.

Zoe – Malaysia

Eric – Canada, Southern Africa and Namibia

I had an absolutely amazing experience. Everything was incredible and I can’t wait to return.

Eric – Canada

Dirk – Australia, Africa All The Way Nov 2018

I hope you are keeping well.I did Africa All the Way and I finished my tour on the 7th November

I really had such a great time and it was an experience that I never forget. I had so many good highlights along the way and I will be recommending all my friends in Australia to do this tour and do Africa All the way.Yes we did have a pretty crazy bunch of people, but we had so many good memories that will remain with me for the rest of my life.It was an adventure of a life time. The main higlights that stood out where the Mountain Gorilla Trek, Walking with the Lions and the Masai Mara. Namibia was my favourite country in Africa.Thanks for all your assistance and thankyou for all the great memories.

Dirk – Australia

Mark and Lee – UK, East Africa 

Just a quick note to say a big thankyou Mark and I had a fantastic time in africa the trip totally exceeded our expectations the wildlife we saw was completely mind blowing I didn’t expect to see as much as i did our favourite bits were the Ngorongoro crater and the Masai mara were we got to see Lionesses with there cubs just a few feet away, our guide and driver Jaques was amazing his knowledge of all the wildlife was amazing he made us all feel welcome and he became a great mate with all of the group and we are all going to keep in touch, Also thanks to Ruban our cook i would like recipes please! very good food .and another thanks to jaques for getting a t-shirt from MA who only normally gives them out to the drivers and guides i’m very honoured once again thankyou and i am looking forward to our next trip with you

Mark and Lee – UK

Regards Jeremy & Ayesha – UK, Vict Falls to Nairobi

We would like to express our thanks for such a great holiday. The trip was everything we had hoped for and more and was great value for money. Our driver really made the trip special. He was entertaining, informative, and went out of his way to ensure that we enjoyed ourselves. The trip itself was very well organised and having met other travellers, we felt that we had the best deal having chosen African Trails. We ate like royalty every night and will always have fond memories of our time on the KT.

Regards Jeremy & Ayesha – UK

Eliza, Mark & the Harris Family – UK, Kenya and Tanzania August 2018

We thought we’d send in some feedback about the recent Kenya/Tanzania safari we completed on 15th Aug.  In a word, AMAZING!!!  All five of us had the most incredible expereince, and I know I can speak for all us in saying a big thank you to everyone involved.  Whilst each of us loved it from start to finish, the trip was particualry special and life changing for my parents who have not had the opportuntiy to travel before.

Our crew were just brilliant!  Whilst they clearly cannot be credited for providing the stunning scenery and amazing animals that we were lucky enough to see, the things they WERE able to influence such as the atmosphere, the food (including fab veggie grub for 4 of us), the knowledge they offered, the way the group mixed, their humour, their attitude to responsible tourism (i.e. NOT disturbing the lion!), their approach to mishaps and the way they were a real part of everything made a great trip even better.  They made a real and genuine effort to make sure everyone had the best time possible.  We would be extremely grateful if this feedback and our thanks could be forwarded to them and to their bosses.

We would recommend African Trails to anyone and fully intend to return to the continent for another adventure.

Many thanks again,

Eliza, Mark and the Harris Family – UK

Trans Africa

This is not a summer holiday trip, it is an adventure ! and a great one at that. You will see the african continent the way it really is. I really enjoyed this trip and it got my hooked on Africa.

I was happy to be with African Trails and not one of the other overland company’s I met along the way. For our approach towards locals and are easy going attitude. I don’t think there is a better company to do this mother of all trips.

This trip let me through Congo and Angola which are not on the itinary but were the only way to lead us to our goal to reach Nairobi by road. Itinarys are guidelines and plans are ideas – in Africa nothing is certain. Everyday turns into a mission as soon as you wake up. Don’t expect the luxury’s of your western lifestyle but think that your still doing a lot better then a lot of people you will meet.

This is a once in a lifetime experience (not if i can help it, but for most) and so cheap. And that is what you get. So if you had enough of luxury, stress and self righteous white people and want to see the world as it is, (it is nothing like you have seen on tv) see stunning scenery and meet nice people. This is your trip, being part of a group takes a lot of getting use to, but it gives back cheap transport, comfort, security and friends to share your experiences.

Dennis – Holland – Trans Africa

Drinks for all


We started our trip in Vic Falls and went through to Cape Town and we found African Trails to be of excellent value and provided everything we could have expected right from the very start of our trip.

Our driver was really friendly and helpful and did his best to ensure that everyone was happy on the trip. We also had a great bunch of people on the truck who have now become friends!

I would definitely recommend African Trails to anyone who wanted a great experience!

Genny – UK

Chobe cruise

Southern Africa

We came across many other overland truck companies, but after talking to some of the travellers,  African trails were outstanding in their value for money, having a cook on board made meal times so much more enjoyable, we would all pitch in and help but did not have the responsibility of planning and buying. So thanks to our Kenyan cook for the super meals he cooked up and for always being there for us. Our driver definitely knew his job, besides being a great driver and guide, he was part of the group. He had to make some tuff decisions at times for the best interest of all and he did it very well. So thanks Sarah, Af trails, the cew, and all the guys on the truck for making my African experience so enjoyable.

Heather – Australia

Southern Africa

I have just returned home from a 5 week safari with African Trails. I had an absolutely amazing time and would really recommend the company to anyone. The driver was always well informed, highly knowledgeable on the areas we visited and open to questions.

African Trails are defintely a value for money company and by travelling with them you are able to visit areas of Africa you may well not be able to if travelling alone. Before departure the company do warn you that the itinerary is not set, and plans may well change due to the volatility of the continent. This in turn means that travellers do not have too many pre-departure expectations of what activities they will be doing, or even what countries they will be spending a lot of time in, thus avoiding disappointment.

Eleanor – UK

Dar es Salaam

Lozza UK,  Africa All The Way

Dear African Trails,

I’ve been back in England one week after finishing the 10 weeks Nairobi to Cape Town trip in April, and am absolutely gutted to have left the truck!

I’m sure it’s mainly down to Sara and Johan that we all had such a phenomenal time, so please pass on a huge thank you for all their hard work and for organising so many great excursions (and nights out – especially that one in Bohemia!).

I’m pretty sure African Trails can’t be beaten for anyone looking for heaps of fun, adventure and seeing Africa at its best. I wanna go again!


Lozza – UK

Anyone for a mud pack?

Jacinta New Zealand, Cape Town to Nairobi

Just wanted to let you know that I had an awesome awesome trip with you guys.  I learnt pretty early on not to expect too much, ie the unexpected could happen because we were in Africa, but it was really cool. Sarah and Johan were the best, Sarahs cooking, and the variety of it (food)was really good, and Johan as our driver was wicked as well, and they gave us heaps of information.

So I just wanted to say thanks, because I did have an awesome time, and I have absolutely no complaints Take care

Jacinta – New Zealand

Kieth Canada, Victoria Falls to Nairobi

Let me add one more. african trails!! this is a budget overlander truck trip but seriously, i think the best value for money. nothing against another company, after hanging out with a lot of travellors on that truck, i was shocked…so were they…..when we compared costs for our nairobi – vic falls trip. they paid 3 1/2 times more. what they got was a lunch included, better folding chairs and tents and an electric fridge in the truck, plus glass windows. otherwise, exact itinerary, all extra activities WE both paid for. african trail trucks are reliable,windows are rollup canvas/plastic, we used a big cooler with ice for our bar, good stereo system and a cook also comes with the truck, excellant & lots of food. ok, tents are a little old fashioned and our folding stools…., but other than that…..no complaints, especially what i ended up paying for it. something else, our driver, born and bred in africa, 8 years of experience driving knew alot of really cool places to go to, he always gave us the option of breaking away from the itinerary for a day or so to check out places no other trucks went to…..it was our paradise.

In the end, really, most overlanders are all similar, prices vary, but, its the driver, you and your fellow travellers that can make your trip a lasting memory!!

Keith – Canada

Senga Bay - Malawi

Mike UK, Middle East African Trails

Forgot to pass on my thanks for a cracking trip. The Middle East doesn’t have the automatic “Wow” factor that Africa has. However, Kev’s knowledge of the area made the trip, the strange stop offs for lunch / breakfast, the Turkish Turkish baths, the pork shop and all the other “side trips” that aren’t in the brochure really made it an excellent tour.

Mike – UK

Keilly UK, Nairobi to Zanzibar

African Trails made our African trip and amazing enjoyable and unforgettable experience.

Without our drivers local knowledge the trip would have been far less satisfying. We saw and did things that were a dream come true.

I would recommend the company to anyone wanting to explore Africa.

Keily – UK

Chris UK, Trans Africa

The trip was fantastic although there were problems, but not due to African Trails. We were due to cross from west to east Africa by going through Chad and Sudan into Ethiopia.

Bo, the driver, really work hard to give everyone a good itinerary in West Africa, even though it is not a well trodden route. I flew home from Ghana due to personal reasons, but African Trails have been good enough to offer me a free place for a trip from Kenya to Cape Town. I will hopefully be going on this trip in Feb 2004. African Trails are a budget company, but the service from them, from the time I booked, to all through the trip itself, was excellent.

It was very relaxed and made every effort for everyone to have a good trip. Excellent value for money!!

Chris – UK

Head to head

Regards Belinda, United Kingdom

Gorillas to Victoria Falls

Hi there, I have just completed the Gorillas to Vic Falls trip which departed on 29 Sep. I had a great time and will hold some great memories from my time on the truck.What can I say the food was brilliant, Certainly didn’t think I be eating baked ham dinner off the truck. For the second leg we had Joe and Lozy (AKA David) as our drivers.

I would like to thank Lozy and Joe for a first class effort as drivers. Joe’s negotiation skills didn’t go astray with police in Zimbabwe. He certainly managed to save us from getting our foreign currency seized. I think the Zimbabwe leg was a brilliant edition to the trip I am glad we had the opportunity to go that way rather than through Zambia.

I notice that you will have cooks on all trips from January 2004.  I think this is a great idea as it takes the pressure of the drivers it terms of keeping the food side of things under control. Also gives the passengers more time at the bar!!! Once again thanks very much.  I will be recommending African Trails to my friends!!

Regards Belinda United Kingdom

Mark Australia, Africa All The Way

Hi, I recently completed the overland tour from Nairobi to Cape Town.  I was just wanting to say thankyou for giving me the opportunity to tour around such a beautiful country in a safe and fun environment.

The trip was very professionally run and the itinery was reasonably flexible. I think the single biggest factor that ‘made’ the trip for me was our driver.  Karl was very flexible to group wishes, extremely knowledgable about the country, geography, wildlife, history – and I could go on.  He obviously enjoys his job very much and this shows.  No problem stopping the truck to explain the history of the area, what a particular tree or animal was, or how a rock formation had come about.  He is obviously very proud of his country and loved to ‘show’ it off.  His hard work throughout the tour was very much appreciated by myself and others.

Once again, thankyou and I wish you all the best for the future.

Mark Australia

Adrian – UK, Middle East Trail

Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Adrian and I have just completed the middle east trail anzac day tour. First of all I would like to say that the trip was fantastic the place’s that the group saw and the way the trip was run was quite outstanding. I would like to show my appreciation to our driver , of all the tour leaders I saw along the way he was by far the best, his enthusiasm and knowledge for the areas that we visited were outstanding, I would reccommend him as a tour leader to anyone.

I would like to say thankyou again for your service and help that I received from your sales staff, and of course your crew. I would also like to ask for a trip dossier on the africa all the way tour for 70 days, it would be much appreciated.

Adrian – UK

 Sonia United Kingdom, Africa All The Way

“Hi, just done an overland with African Trails from Nairobi to Cape Town via Namibia, first time done anything like this and had an excellent time, the truck i was on had an open deck just above the cab which was excellent for sunbathing and game viewing, loadsa storage space for all your stuff and our driver (not a tour leader) who was an aussie called Karl was laid back, friendly and informative, i classed our trip as the Hippy Overlander as there were no strict rules just a lot of common sense, we all treated each other as we expect to be treated and the mood throughout the trip was FUN.

You meet other overlanders from different companies and i was glad i was on the Af Trail trip, so glad that im gonna do the Gorillas and the Middle East with them, after speaking to other overlanders i dont think the companies with a driver AND a tour leader are better value for money.

One of the highlights of my trip with Af Trails was actually participating in the cooking of meals for the rest of the group rather than having someone do it all for you and being able to sit in the cab with Karl gave me a different view of the trip instead of always being on the back of the truck, found the office really helpful even if you do feel like your asking a million and one stupid questions.

There were 16 of us on the trip ranging from 22 years upto 50, it was a really good mixed group with a few couples, 6 different nationalities and loadsa different personalities, all i can say is you will have your highs and lows with whichever company you go with but if you want a trip where its fun,laid back you get to use your own initiative without relying on someone else to do everything all the time and your prepared to put in a bit of effort then try Af Trails, wonder if they will give me a job now? hahaha” Sonia United Kingdom

Neil. United Kingdom, Southern Africa


Thanks for the info.  I need to sort my life out and then I may come back to you to see if I can book one of these.

The Africa trip was excellent – brilliant fun and great countries – a good trip all round.

Neil. United Kingdom

Tracy – United Kingdom, Africa All The Way

Just thought I’d let you know what an amazing safari I have just had. Unfortunately it has all of a sudden finished and My bro and sis have flown to OZ. we had Jim and Hil with us. they are both so much fun and have really looked after us. After all my doubts before leaving the uk it all worked out amazingly well. All 20 of us got on so well and had such a laugh. with a few minor incidents obviously ! ! ! ! so thank-you for all your help before the trip. Am chilling with the guys in cape town at the mo. Last drink with them tonight. Hope you are well.

Tracy – United Kingdom

 Fiona Australia, Middle East Trail


I had a fantastic holiday in the Middle East. Everything about it was great. Kevin our driver, well i couldnt think of a better person to run the tour. It`s obviously not the easiest job in the world, but he handled everything so well.

I’m now looking at travelling to Africa towards the end of the year, so you will be hearing from me again.

Thanks again with all your help & information.

Kind Regards” Fiona Australia

Michelle – Ireland, Africa All The Way

“Absolutely fantastic – had a great time only sorry had to come home after 3 weeks – would have loved to have gone for the next 7 weeks all the way to Cape Town.”

Michelle – Ireland

Erika – Switzerland, Trans Africa


It was fantastic!!! I really had a great time on your trip. No mosquito bites, no diarrhoea, no hassle, just perfect. Joe’s driving? I’m still recovering from my bruises. No, of course not, only joking.

As a matter of fact, I liked it so much that I’m thinking about more travels through Africa. 21 countries in 29 weeks, in other words your trans from London to Cape Town, sounds very tempting to me.

Have a nice weekend.” Erika – Switzerland

Eleanor – UK, Nairobi to Johannesburg

I have just returned home from a 5 week safari. I had an absolutely amazing time and would really recommend the company to anyone. The driver was always well informed, highly knowledgeable on the areas we visited and open to questions. We also had a chef on board who cooked brilliant meals every night – even in the middle of the bush we were still eating pork chops, stir fried vegetables and mashed potatoes, followed by bananas and custard!

They are definitely a value for money company and by travelling with them you are able to visit areas of Africa you may well not be able to if travelling alone. Before departure the company do warn you that the itinerary is not set, and plans may well change due to the volatility of the continent. This in turn means that travellers do not have too many pre-departure expectations of what activities they will be doing, or even what countries they will be spending a lot of time in, thus avoiding disappointment.

Eleanor – UK

Keily – UK, Nairobi to Victoria Falls

They made our African trip and amazing enjoyable and unforgettable experience.

Without our drivers local knowledge the trip would have been far less satisfying. We saw and did things that were a dream come true.

I would recommend the company to anyone wanting to explore Africa.

Keily – UK

Carolyn – Australia, Southern Africa and Namibia

“Hi there,

I have just recently been on one of your tours with Joe, which departed Nairobi on the 12th August.

Our group got together a little something for Joe to show our appreciation and I was wondering if you could give me a contact address I could send it to.

I would also like to take this opportunity to say thanks so much for a trip of a lifetime. Both my husband and I totally loved it and wait with great anticipation for our photos which are in the process of being developed.

The trip lived up to all expectation and beyond…..can’t rave about it enough!!!! Certainly haven’t hesitated to pass this on to all our friends and family!

African Trails were fantastic to travel with, which was excellent given we had a bit of a nightmare experience with another company when going to Gallipoli for Anzac Day.

Our only disappointment was that I think most of us on the trip thought that 17 days in Africa might be a good opportunity to lose a little weight, however this was clearly not the case. As you can imagine, I think we got over our disappointment quite quickly!!

Thanks again for making Africa a positively amazing and very memorable experience.

Kindest Regards,” Carolyn – Australia

Warren – Ireland, Gameparks and Gorillas


I just wanted to pass some feedback to African Trails on the Gamepark and Gorillas trip that my girlfriend and myself did a few weeks ago. We had a fantastic time and it definitely rated as one of the best holidays we’ve been on. The crew really did a great job and it was largely down to them that we had such a good time.

The truck was one of the best we saw during the few weeks and I reckon we picked a winner with African Trails. I will definitely be recommending you to friends and look forward to booking with you again. Please feel free to use me as a reference should anyone ask.

I’d appreciate it if you could pass on these comments to Chris in Arusha. You have fantastic assets in your crew and the compliments should really be passed on to the boss.

Thanks again” Warren – Ireland

Nat – Australia, Africa All The Way

“Hi there, have been back from africa for a week, and people are getting sick of me going on about how good the continent is and how fantastic the african trails trip was. best travelling experience I have ever been on and will be looking to do further trips with your company at some stage.

Cannot say enough about Karl, our driver, without doubt made the trip brilliant and added immensely to everyone’s experience. well run trip which had everything including a bit a independence that I was looking for.

thanks again.will no doubt be in touch” nat – Australia

 Kris – Australia, Nairobi to Zanzibar

Hi sales team….about to leave for Zanzibar at end of my 4 week trip with African Trails….wanted to write and tell you what a great time I had and what great crew you have.

The trip was well organised…everyone knew what was happening and was happy. The truck was well maintained, clean and comfortable. Amy went out of her way to ensure we all got to see the gorillas and was always chasing things up for us. Had a great time thanks to them and after comparing it to the other company’s trip I did in Southern Africa I will highly recommend your company to others.

Thanks Guys! Kris – Australia

Danine and Joe – Canada, Southern Africa and Namibia

“We give it rave reviews- it was fantastic It was the best company to go with as far as we are concerned – it was not expensive and you had the best trucks for sure. Our guide, Karl was an extremely good driver on some of the hair raising roads. Calm under pressure, at borders, flat tires, dodgy roads etc.. Patient with the group personalities as well and we had lots of fun in the evenings. It was our best trip ever and we have fond memories. Thanks for answering all of our questions before we left, John. We’ll have to go back again some day. !
Sincerely,” Danine and Joe – Canada.

Shaun – Australia, Middle East Trail

“Had to email u and let u know what a awesome trip I had round the middle east. Kevin is the business ,really did a top notch job at giving us the trip of our lives at often trying times.We met up with a lot of other tours and I think it wouldn’t have been the same had I gone with anyone else than Af Trails. Well done for giving people good value for money and a well run tour. I will always put my friends on to you guys for if they were to visit either the middle east or Africa
thanks once again.” Shaun – Australia

Tridantri, 2009

Read the post here on Travbuddy

I did my overland tour with about 15 people. Along the way some people would leave and others would join but most of them remained. There were about three couples on the truck and the rest of us were travelling independently. My advice to anyone travelling as a couple is to make sure you spend time apart, otherwise you end up being separate from the rest of the group a bit – it’s much easier to approach one person than it is to approach two.

A huge number of miles have to be covered so there are some long days on the road, as much as 12 hours at times. These aren’t as bad as they may sound though, as there is always something to look at and with 15 people on the truck there is always someone to talk to. Our truck was capable of seating about 24 people. So there was plenty of space to spread out with just 15 of us, a nice group size I think. Other days are spent at a campsite where there are things to do or see, so on these days there is no driving.

For us, being a budget tour, every night was in a tent, except for when we were on Zanzibar. We cooked our own food, which meant splitting into cook teams. Some days there are no showers or electricity and people soon learnt that it doesn’t matter if you are a bit dirty and smelly. A t-shirt is good for three days minimum.

This was my first overland tour and I loved it. The people were amazing and the things we did were equally good. Most of the days have flown by and the five weeks went so quickly. I’ll definitely be doing another overland tour at some point in the future.

I went with African Trails on their five week Nairobi to Johannesburg tour and would highly recommend them.

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