Local Payment & Tour Cost – The tour cost and local payment includes transport in a fully equipped expedition vehicle, road taxes and tolls, services of the driver-leader, use of camping and cooking equipment, campsite fees, entrance to gameparks as specified and two meals a day while on the truck. So in towns or places where the vehicle will be parked up, although the kitchen will be available for you to cook with, food during this time will not come out of the Local Payment. This normally happens in places where we are for a few days; for example, Arusha, Nairobi, Dar es Salaam, Victoria Falls, Okavango Delta, Swakopmund, Cape Town and Johannesburg.. At these places cheap food is available at, or near, the places we stay. Generally at lunchtimes we eat at small cafes or restaurants where you can try cheap and tasty local food. If no local food is available we eat on the truck.

Local Payment – Payable in $US dollars or Euros cash at the current cross exchange rate on date of departure, check with the driver for the rate. Please pay this to the driver on departure. Travellers cheques, cards, Scottish Pounds or other forms of payment are not accepted.

Not included in the trip price and local payment – The price does not include flights, visas, side trips, lunches and meals out. There are a number of optional side trips that you can choose from and pay for on the route.