Of all the countries in Africa, Tanzania offers some of the most varied countryside and terrain. From tropical beaches with lodges on the sand where you can spot sealife from the shore, crocodile-infested rivers and the wide open Serengeti plains, you can have a different experience every day on your Tanzania safari.


Tanzania has a wide range of different camping and accommodation options on offer throughout the duration of any safari that give you a great experience of all the different sides that the country has to show to the visitor.

Starting in Dar es Salaam, there are beach shacks and resorts that offer the chance to stay among swaying palm trees and mango groves on the shores of the Indian Ocean. The location also gives you the perfect chance to get on the ferry and take a trip over to Zanzibar. On the island you can enjoy sealife tours and scuba diving, a visit to the old slave market at UNESCO World Heritage Site Stone Town and enjoy the natural aquariums where local turtles are protected and conserved.

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Take to the warm Indian Ocean and visit the island of Zanzibar

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Moving up through the country you will have the chance to stay in river huts and near Arusha, where camping brings you face-to-face with people from the Masai tribe. Arusha is also the safari centre of Tanzania and many of the big safari parties heading to the national parks and reserves head out from here to the wilderness.

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Meet and spend time with people from tribal villages around the Serengeti

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While you’re in this part of the country you can take the opportunity to visit a Masai village and learn from the people who still live in ways that have been traditional for many centuries. For a really breath-taking back-to-basics experience of camping, Simba Camp overlooking the Ngorongoro Crater will wake you with spectacular scenery if the baboons at dawn don’t wake you first!

Serengeti National Park

Probably the biggest draw in Tanzania is the Serengeti National Park, where the wide open plains provide a home to a vast array of wildlife and game. Much like the view of Africa that most people would recognise from film and television, the Serengeti has enormous herds of zebra and wildebeest that migrate here from the Masai Mara in Kenya between January and March. It also has the largest population of lions in the world and is the best place to see prides of lions in their natural environment.
Near the Serengeti National Park lies the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, a World Heritage Site and area of outstanding natural beauty. It has a number of remarkable features, not least being its status as the largest inactive unfilled caldera that covers a total of 100 square miles. Inside the caldera you will find most of the animal species native to East Africa and a total of around 25,000 creatures in the area. Those who are very fortunate may see the black rhinoceros, but as there are only very few left they are very few and far between. You can expect to see plenty of other animals, though, including wildebeest and zebra.


For a safari tour that offers you the greatest degree of variety and gives you the chance to spend time around creatures from sea urchins to lions, you won’t find a more perfect place to safari than in Tanzania. The history of the country and its people is also laid out for visitors to experience from Zanzibar Island right through to the tribal villages around the Serengeti and make it a truly inspiring place to spend your holiday.