The New Year began with a free day in Tomboctou, followed by a gruelling journey by road back to Sevare, lengthened considerably by a broken radiator on one of the vehicles. Tomboutctou - broken radiatorI had expected the kids back at 2.30pm; they arrived just after 5pm! All were herded rather ingloriously on to the truck for a short drive to Bandiagara, where the Dogon trek was to start the following morning.

An early start had us travelling to Dourou for the descent of the “falais de bandiagara” and into the villages. The drive itself was harrowing at the least, 25km and 2.5 hours of some of the worst roads encountered so far. Denise was unsure if she could manage it, so I waited three hours, but to her credit she stuck it out. Rightly so she is very proud of the achievement.
Three days and two nights visiting an array of villages and sleeping on rooftops, with a fantastic Dogon mask dance thrown in. A unanimous highlight of the trip so far.
Dogon Dancing
We are currently in Ouagadougou (wa-ga-doo-goo), Burkina Faso, enjoying the swimming pool of the strangely named “Hotel OK Inn”, complete with mini golf course. Free camping has never been this good. Our Ghana visas should be ready tomorrow afternoon, and then we are of to the Promised Land!

Ghana get ready, here we come!