Duration: 4 days
From: GBP £820
Plus local payment: USD $300 (What’s this?)

Mount Meru is in the north of Tanzania overlooking Arusha town and just west of Kilimanjaro and 50km east of the Great Rift Valley.

Mount Meru last erupted in 1910 so is an active volcano, though now dormant. The last great eruption of Meru [some 8,000 years ago] blew out to the east towards Kili creating an armchair shaped mountain in an explosion similar to that of Mount St Helens Volcano, Washington, USA.

Because of the amount of wildlife on Meru, you must be accompanied by an armed ranger on your trek at all times. Elephants, Cape Buffalo, Bushbucks, Giraffes, Warthogs, and Zebras are commonly seen.

Day 1: Transfer from Arusha entering the park at Momela gate and on to Mariakamba hut
Day 2: Mariakamba hut to Saddle hut
Day 3: Saddle hut to Rhino peak, and on to the summit Socialist Peak with views at dawn of sunrise over Kilimanjaro. Return to Mariakamba Hut
Day 4: Miriakamba hut, decend to Momelaand on to Arusha for drop off