Cape Town is the most popular tourist destination in the entirety of Africa. With thousands of people visiting throughout the year from across the world, tourism is a very also economically key for Cape Town.

It has many fantastic sights, both man-made and natural, and an amazing culture, so it’s easy to see why it’s such a popular location. Below are 5 of the top tourist attractions Cape Town has to offer.

Table Mountain

This renowned landmark has a flat top and is famous for its spectacular views overlooking Cape Town. The mountain is very popular among those seeking adventure on holiday as many enjoy the challenge of hiking to the top. However, if that’s not quite your cup of tea, there is also a cableway so you don’t have to miss out on the stunning view.

The flat surface on the mountaintop is 2 miles long and is surrounded by breath taking cliffs, which are second to none. Table Mountain stands at the Northern end of a sandstone mountain range, which are absolutely amazing to look at.

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A view of Table Mountain from the beach

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Chapman’s Peak Drive

Chapman’s Peak is a mountain on the side of the Cape Peninsula. The western side of the mountain falls dramatically into the Atlantic Ocean, but the main reason it is a great tourist attraction is because of the amazing road trip it offers.

Winding around the mountain is the trail known as Chapman’s Peak Drive, which hugs the side of a vertical drop but offers once in a lifetime views. The road was hand made between 1915 and 1922, although it was closed in 1990 due to a landslide injuring many and causing the death of 1 person.

In 2005 it was re-opened as a toll road and is thoroughly enjoyed by tourists from across the globe.


Cape Town has various beaches up and down the coast, which all offer something a little bit different. The beaches along the West Coast are very popular surfing and kite surfing locations, so if you’re looking for somewhere with more activities, the west coast beaches are definitely the best choice.

Along the Atlantic Seaboard, the beaches sit at the bottom of the incredible mountains, and this area is famed for expensive sea front homes that offer amazing sunset views.

Finally, the False Bay area boasts long golden sands and clear blue waters, just as you might image paradise to be. The peaceful atmosphere and perfect tranquility are ideal for a relaxing break.



One of the picturesque beaches of Cape Town’s False Bay

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Two Ocean’s Aquarium

Located in the inner city of Cape Town, right on the waterfront, this amazing aquarium is perfect for a day out while you’re in Cape Town. It is home to sharks, stingrays and many more incredible sea life creatures.

If you have the appropriate diving qualification you can also dive into the predators tanks and come face to face with some of the most amazing ragged tooth sharks in the world.


The waterfront and port itself is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Cape Town. In this area is the aquarium, but also one of the cities most popular shopping venues. Visitors enjoy watching ships dock and leave the port on a daily basis.

The city is also rich in culture; for example, every January they host the Minstrel festival. This see’s minstrel groups from across Africa join together in full costume and play Cape Jazz music. This is a popular tourist attraction and known to the natives as the second New Year.


In conclusion, Cape Town is an amazing city with lots to offer tourists; from exciting festivals to sky scraping mountains and relaxing beaches. 

Cape Town is definitely a great holiday destination whatever type of holiday you’re looking for.

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