And we´re off!!

After a rather tension filled Saturday evening, brought on by the fact that not a single punter had arrived yet, I had a “moment of clarity” and realised they were all arriving on Sunday!!

Duly on Sunday all arrived and we went through the formalities and got to know our home for the next 22 weeks.

Monday morning we had a late start and a big breakfast, then hopped it down to Gibraltar where the kids are now enjoying “The Rock”.

Tomorrow is the ferry across to the African continent,Ceuta still being part of Spain, where we shall be stocking up on all manner of goodies prior to entry into Africa proper. Morocco here we come!

Next update will introduce the “expeditionaires” and a description of Gibraltar and our first sampling of Moroccan souks (markets)

“It was moments of madness such as this, which kept us from losing our sanity”
Spike Milligan