We have our Mali and Mauritanian visas and can now finally get away from Rabat. YAY!!
It has been a, let’s say, interesting visit. Those who went off to Casablanca came back with some colourful tales, best of all which was Paul’s brush with the law. Most muslim countries do not look favourably on public displays of affection between members of the opposite sex. In front of the largest mosque in Morocco, and undercover police abound….what on earth are you thinking! Clearly he wasn’t at all. A little talking to and a slap on the wrist was the outcome, and hopefully a lesson has been learnt…we shall see!

I managed to have a kitchen tarp made up and we fitted it just in time for the rain, so we now have a nice snug area for the extremes of weather, that are inevitable in the times ahead. Thanks goes out to Gary and Jaap for their assistance in both the negotiations (in extremely bad French, but sign language works a treat) and the erection of said tarp.
I knew that Swahili has a base in Arabic, but until now hadn’t heard it. So as long as the Arabic speakers only utter numbers at me I think I will be able to follow what they are saying! Eg; 50 in Arabic is hamsin in Swahili hamsini etc. Apologies for that ramble!

So off this afternoon to a bushcamp, then Volubilus tomorrow. All have itchy feet after 5 days in Rabat and are very keen to get moving again.