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Trans Africa - Ghana to Cairo

30 weeks from GBP £5,275 plus local payment US$2,200 (What’s this?)

Week 1: Ghana
Week 2-4: Togo, Benin, Nigeria, Cameroon

Week 5: Cameroon
Week 6-8: Gabon, Republic of Congo, Cabinda (Angola)
Week 9: Democratic Republic of Congo
Week 10: Angola
Week 11: Namibia
Week 12: South Africa, Cape Town 
Week 13-16: South Africa, Namibia, Botswana
Week 17-18: Zambia, Malawi
Week 19-20: Tanzania
Week 21: Kenya
Week 22: Uganda
Week 23: Nairobi, Kenya 
Week 24: Kenya
Week 25-27: Ethiopia
Week 28: Sudan
Week 29-30: Egypt

We’ll visit Forests of Equatorial Africa, Niger River, Ghana slave coast, voodoo markets, Niger River, Etosha National Park, Cheetah Park, Cape Cross Seal Colony, Sossusvlei, Fish River Canyon, Lake Malawi, Mikumi National Park, Lake Nakuru, Nile River in Uganda, Northern Frontier District in Kenya, Nile River in Sudan, Lake Nasser & Cairo.

Our African expeditions to Cairo are different from our other holidays, you may have taken – we go through areas where no tourists go, the roads can be bad, food can be limited to what we have stocked on the truck, campsites are few and basic, visas can be hard to get and communication to the outside world limited or unavailable at times. On this expedition we guarantee; we’ll break down, that we will have to wait some where we don’t really want to be for visas spare parts or just for someone to open a closed road and we’ll have to dig the truck out of mud and sand. The trip might overrun so finish late; the route can change due to rains, closed roads visa issues, breakdowns and politics. It’s best not to book your return flights home until you finish the trip.

To join this African expedition  you need to be prepared to work as part of a team and to share with the others on the trip. Some of the things you’ll never forget are the satisfaction of getting a 16 ton truck unstuck, cooking over open fires after collecting the firewood, pitching a tent and getting it right even when it rains, going to sleep when its dark and waking at dawn and wanting to get out of your sleeping bag to start another day in which you have no idea of what will happen, washing in rivers, not washing and not caring that your dirty, living outside for months, seeing more than you have ever before, trying to learn French Arabic or Swahili and having people understand what you say, finding out just how far places are away from where you started and how different places can be and how unaffected out of the way places are from the world we normally live in. Most people who do this trip find it a lot of fun though of course hard at times.


Transport in expedition truck
Camping fees & equipment: tents, tables, chairs & cooking gear
Two meals per day cooked as a group, on average


Flights, visas, transfers, personal insurance, drinks, meals out, tips
Optional excursions/side trips

Side trips / Optional extras

Togo - Visit the "Fetish Market" US$ 2
Benin - Tour of the voodoo temples and salt producers US$ 5
Benin - Home of Voodoo and museum, and slave gates US$ 2
Congo - See chimpanzees in their almost natural habitat - donation US$ 2
South Africa - Stellenbosch wine tour (Cederberg wine tasting $15) US$ 90
South Africa - Cape Town - Robbin Island & Shark cage dive; before or after the tour US$ 225
Botswana - Okavango delta, overnight 'mokoro' canoe trip US$ 175
Botswana - 45 min flight over Delta - 5 per plane US$ 110
Zimbabwe - Victoria Falls - Helicopter over Falls 12/25 mins $155/265, Abseil & Gorge Swing full day $140, Bungee jump $160, walk with lions $140, Rhino walk $70 , Rafting full day lunch, BBQ, drinks, park fees $160, Sunset Game Cruise - BBQ & drinks $65 US$ 185
Malawi - Kande Beach - Dives $80, Horse ride $70, village walk $5, boat hire $20 US$ 10
Tanzania - Zanzibar - Hotel per night $30/60, Taxi to best beaches $7, meals $5/20 US$ 30
Tanzania - Zanzibar - Dive Mnemba Atoll 2 dives & lunch $80, Snorkeling Mnemba Atoll $30, Swim with dolphins $40, Prison Island, boat ride, entry. snorkel hire $30 US$ 30
Kenya - Nairobi Saturday day trip, or before or after the trip. Baby elephants entry $4 , Giraffes feeding $7, Yaya Centre Masai Market and shopping, Day's transport $7 US$ 25
Kenya - Lake Naivasha - Horse Riding, Naivasha $25, Boat trip $60, Elsamere home of Joy Adamson $25, Hells Gate cycle thru the park $65 US$ 25
Uganda Mountain Gorillas [Rwanda permits $750] plus visas & transport $65 to $120 US$ 600
Uganda - Jinja Bungy jumping $60, White water rafting on the White Nile US$ 160
Ethiopia - Bahir Dar - Tissisat Falls - free US$ 0
Ethiopia - Lake Tana monasteries : negotiable depending on number in group US$ 20
Ethiopia - Lake Tana boat trip - between $20 - $40 US$ 30
Ethiopia - Addis Ababa : National Museum US$ 5
Ethiopia - Temples and monasteries visited one by one US$ 5
Ethiopia - Gondar Monastery and castle guided tour US$ 25
Ethiopia - Horseback trek in Dodola Mountains : negotiable on group (excl. transport) US$ 20
Ethiopia - Historical route - includes Axum, Lalibela etc. $60-$100 pp US$ 80
Egypt - Diving US$ 70
Egypt - Camel rides US$ 10
Egypt - Side trip to Alexandria : return transfers including lunch cost around US$ 30
Egypt - Boat cruise US$ 20
Egypt - Abu Simbel US$ 30
Egypt - Philae Temple US$ 8
Egypt - Valley of the Queens : entry 3 tombs US$ 5
Egypt - Feluccas US$ 30
Egypt - Edfu US$ 10
Egypt - Karnak Temple US$ 15
Egypt - Kom Ombo US$ 10
Egypt - Valley of the Kings : entry to site and 3 tombs US$ 15
Egypt - Great Pyramids and Sphinx : entry to Giza Plateau US$ 15
Egypt - Cairo Museum US$ 10

Departure Dates

View all the dates for this tour on the departure dates page.


Map of Trans Africa - Ghana to Cairo


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